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PDQ Aircraft PDQ-2


Back in the early 1970's Wayne Ison designed the P.D.Q. The PDQ-2 is a sort of strap-on monoplane with shoulder-high wings, a tiny tricycle gear and a pylon-mounted JLO snowmobile engine that swings a two-bladed pusher prop. The pilot sits up front biting bugs at a Vmax of 80 mph. On a cold day vertical velocity is 400 fpm. The I-tail is hung at the end of a boom borrowed from the Bensen gyrocopter. The wings are made from Styrofoam bonded over plywood ribs at root and tip of each panel, with seven foam ribs in between. The foam is then covered with Dynel, bonded at the edges and heat-shrunk, with resin squeegeed into the cloth and sanded light-ly. Finally, the direct-driven prop develops 45 hp at 5500 rpm or 35 hp at 5000 rpm.

Engine: 1385cc VW, 40hp
Wingspan: 22 ft
Length: 14 ft 6 in
Max wt: 600lbs
Empty wt: 340 lb
Max speed: 80mph
Cruise: 70mph
Climb rate: 500 fpm


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