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Pazmany PL-9 Stork


The Pazmany PL-9 Stork is an 3/4 replica of the Fieseler Storch. It authenticity is backed up by more than 9000 hours of aeronautical engineering design in order to obtain the same flying and handling characteristics of the original German Aircraft. The fuselage is welded chrome alloy steel tube, with aluminum sheet metal/fabric covered wing and empenage.

Designed to take off and land in extremely short distances, the Storch had a take off ground roll of 131 feet and a landing roll of 36 feet with 13 miles per hour head wind.

It has a well-proven aircraft configuration designed for a number of functions such as fish spotting, forest fire detection, farm work, missionary work, etc. The PL-9 Stork has a cruise speed of 104 mph with a standard Lyc. O-320/150 hp engine. Optional Subaru 2.2 lt engine.

Using the new Pazmany 3/4 scale plans, amateur builder Ruben Hardy embarked on his own construction of the PL-9. With great enthusiasm, financial commitment, and building ingenuity, bringing the first new Stork to life.
In March l999 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin his plane was displayed at the EAA convention to great public interest, in the presence of the design engineer Ladislao Pazmany.

Engine LYC 0-320
Power Range 150-160 hp
Height 7 ft
Length 24.3 ft
Wing Span 36 ft
Wing Area 166 sq. ft
Empty Weight 1,132 lb
Gross Weight 1,739 lb
Fuel Capacity 30 USG
Top Speed 116 mph
Cruise 104 mph
Stall 33 mph
Range 332 mi
Rate of Climb 1400 fpm
Take-Off Distance 250 ft
Landing Distance 90 ft
Service Ceiling 15,000 ft
Number of Seats 2
Landing Gear Tailwheel
Information Package PDF 2009 $9
Information Package printed 2009 $12
Plans 2009 $550


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