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Pazmany PL-4A


When designer Ladislao Pazmany was encouraged to come up with an easy-to-build, simple, safe, inexpensive, metal plane that could carry a Volkswagen 1600-cc or Continental A-65 engine in the early l970's, he came up with the PL-4A. The fuselage is made up from formed sheet metal channels and standard extruded aluminium angles for the longerons with sheet metal skins. The wing consists of a centre section and two outer panels which can be folded back along the fuselage. Each panel incorporates a metal spar, a Zed section rear spar, pressed metal ribs and metal skins. Pop rivets are used extensively. Plain ailerons, but no flaps or trim tabs are fitted to the wing. The empennage is of “T” tail configuration with an all moving tailplane at the top of the fin with a large anti-servo tab. The tailwheel undercarriage consists of spring steel main legs with 3.50 x 6” tyres and brakes and a steerable tailwheel. A 9.5 Imperial gallon moulded fibreglass fuel tank is fitted behind the firewall. Engines from 50 to 75 hp may be installed.

The prototype was flown on July 9, 1972 and plans were made available. The plane is roadable (folding wings), and Pazmany did supply the fiberglass pieces, plexiglass windscreen and canopy, landing gear, welded engine mount, and control stick.

The PL-4A has been built by air cadets in Argentina and Canada.

Engine Used: VW 1600 c.c.
Power Range: 50-90 hp
Top Speed: 120 mph
Cruise: 97 mph
Stall: 46 mph
Range: 280 mi
Rate of Climb: 650 fpm
Take-Off Distance: 560 ft
Landing Distance: 440 ft
Service ceiling: 13,000 ft
Fuel Capacity: 12 USgal
Empty Weight: 578 lb
Gross Weight: 850 lb
Height: 5.7 ft
Length: 16.5 ft
Wing Span: 26.7 ft
Wing Area: 89 sq. ft
Seats: 1
Landing Gear: Tailwheel
Information Package (PDF) 2009: $9
Information Package (printed) 2009: $12
Plans 2009: $375



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