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Paup P-Craft


Single-seat single-engined high-wing mono-plane with two-axis control (optional conventional three-axis control). Wing has unswept leading edge, swept forward trailing edge and tapering chord; cruciform tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; no separate roll control (optional roll control by ailerons); control inputs through stick for pitch/yaw and (optionally) pedals for roll. Wing braced from below by struts; wing profile; double surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in taildragger formation; bungee suspension on all wheels. Push-right go-right tailwheel steer-ing connected to yaw control. No brakes. Aluminium-tube/steel-tube framework, without pod. Engine mounted below wing driving pusher propeller. Framework in 2024T3 alu-minium and 4130 chrome-moly steel. Wing covering is Stits Polyfiber, doped.
Shown for the first time to the public at Oshkosh in August 1982, P-Craft from D Paup appears to be a minimum aircraft and as such is directly descended from the Kolb Flyer and Ron Wheeler Scout.

This one offers the choice between two-axis control, with steering by induced roll, or conventional three-axis control when fitted with ailerons (an option on the standard kit). Where the lower longeron and a higher, nearly parallel tube which carries the pilot seat meet at the nose, there is a horizontal transverse tube on which can be hinged the rudder pedals.

Paup aircraft offers the two-axis version in kit form, requiring 150 hours for completion, at the price of $3395 in 1983.

Engine: Cuyuna 215D, 20hp at 6000rpm
Propeller diameter and pitch 36 x 12 inch, 0.91 x 0.30 m
No reduction
Power per unit area 0.15hp/sq.ft, 1.6hp/sq.m
Fuel capacity 2.5 US gal, 2.1 Imp gal, 9.5 litre
Wing span 32.5 ft, 9.88 m
Total wing area 132 sq.ft, 12.3 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio 8.0/1
Main wheels diameter overall 20 inch, 51 cm
Empty weight 165 lb, 75kg
Max take-off weight 402 lb, 182 kg
Payload 237 lb, 107 kg
Max wing loading 3.05 lb/sq.ft, 14.8 kg/sq.m
Max power loading 20.1 lb/hp, 9.1 kg/hp
Max level speed 60 mph, 97 kph
Never exceed speed 70 mph, 113 kph
Max cruising speed 50 mph, 80 kph
Economic cruising speed 35 mph, 56 kph
Stalling speed 22 mph, 35 kph
Max climb rate at sea level 300ft/min, 1.5m/s
Take-off distance 75 ft, 23 m


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