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Parks Aircraft P-1

Hammond P- 1H

Parks P-1 NC362K
The 1929 P-1 (ATC 179) was a duplicate of the Fairchild KR-31, but with a chin radiator. They were built to replace Travel Airs used at the subsidiary Parks Air College. Selling for $3,165, forty-five were built.
The prototype, cn 10008 NX289W, was used to test the feasibility of a large, built-in "planechute" that could be released in emergencies to float the aircraft to the ground. In operation it had apparent success, but results of testing is unknown.
Parks P-1 NC376K
The 1929 P-1T (ATC 2-506) was fitted with a 115hp Milwaukee Tank.
Parks P-1T
The 1930 P-1X three place open cockpit biplane was fitted with a 90hp Curtiss OX-5, and registered as a Detroit P-1-X N289W c/n 19911.
The 1932 P-1H (ATC 2-428) with a 100hp Kinner K-5 became the Hammond 100. Following Ryan's demise the Park name was revived for the P- 1H biplane built by Hammond.
Engine: 90hp Curtiss OX-5
Wingspan: 30'1"
Length: 24'1"
Useful load: 812 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Stall: 37 mph
Range: 340 mi
Seats: 2-3




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