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Paramount Aircraft Cabinaire

Paramount Cabinaire 110 Prototype NX4254
Designed by Walter Carr, the 1929 Cabinaire 110 (ATC 2-164, 2-165) was a four place cabin biplane. The prototype, NX4254 c/n 2, used many Travel Air parts; cabane-mounted upper wing. c/n 1 is generally assumed to have been rebuilt from a Travel Air.
Selling for $6,750 seven were built in toal; NC17M, NC387, NC587, NC551V, NC7930/7931. NC587 c/n 6 was repowered with a 150hp Hisso in 1936. (2-164) and (2-165) were 4p and 3p approvals respectively.


Cabinaire 110 NC587                                                        Courtesy Barry Link
Cabinaire 110 NC587 was owned by Universal Engineering of Frankenmuth MI. and the founder of Universal, W.R. Fisher flew the plane for business. It was wrecked and then stored away at the family farm, probably in the early 30's.
Cabinaire 165 NC17M c/n 7 on 11 September 1930
The 1930 Cabinaire 165 (ATC 265) sold for $7,500, and $5,750 in 1931. One was built, NC17M c/n 7, modified from a Cabinaire 110.

Paramount Cabinaire 165 NC17M

NC17M it caught fire during restoration in the '60s and it was finally restored in the '90s. Greg Herrick purchased it in 1997, and while flying it from FL to MN, an engine failure stopped the trip near Zebulon GA. The Cabinaire was once again being restored by Nathan Rounds in Zebulon in 2000.
Paramount Cabinaire A-70 NC551V
One Cabinaire 110, NC551V c/n 9 was modified to a Cabinaire A-70 in 1930 (ATC 2-233) with a 165hp Continental A-70.

Paramount Cabinaire A-70 NC551V

Cabinaire 110
Engine: Warner Scarab, 110hp
Span (upper): 34'8"
Span (lower): 29'0"
Length: 23'9"
Useful load: 908 lb
Max speed: 103 mph
Cruise speed: 90 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 465 mi
Ceiling: 12,000'
Seats: 4

Cabinaire 165
Engine: Wright J-6, 165hp
Length: 24'7"
Useful load: 1054 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 105 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Seats: 4
Cabinaire A-70
Engine: 165hp Continental A-70



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