Praga E-39 / BH-39




In several cases the code name of BH-39 after her designers Benes and Hajn is used for this type.
The prototype (designated BH.39NZ) first flew in 1931 with a 120 hp Walter NZ nine-cylinder radial engine. The 1936 next 8 built used 140 hp Walter Gemma radials (designated BH.39G). After this the 160 hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major was fitted (designated BH.39AG of 1937).
Praga E-39.21
Praga E-39.21, the 21st  production one, was powered by a Walter Gamma engine.
A total of 149 aircraft appears to have been built with 125 used by the Luftwaffe as primary trainers during WW2. No mention of cross bracing while later models had ā€˜Nā€™ shape interplane struts, cross-braced layout, while the rest on the paint guides had ā€˜Nā€™ shaped struts.


Two seat primary trainer
Engine: 120 hp Walter NZ


Engine: 150 hp Walter Gemma


Engine: 150 hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major 1A


Span: 10.00m
Length: 7.00m
Height: 2.57m