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Pfitzner Monoplane
The Pfitzner monoplane was designed by Sandor Pfitzner and built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company, Hammondsport NY at the Herring-Curtiss Aeroplane factory in 1909.
The aeroplane was the first American monoplane, and on 20 December 1909, at Hammondsport, Pfitzner made the first successful flight of a monoplane in the United States.
Lateral control was achieved with sliding wing panels which increased lift on either side to initiate a turn.
A solitary, unsuccessful, flight attempt had been made in December 1909, but it was only in early 1910 that proper flights were begun to be made with it. In 1910 he flew 134 miles (216 km), reaching a height of 3600 ft (1100m) within 2 hours.
Engine: Curtiss pusher, 25 hp
Wingspan: 36 ft / 10.97 m
Length: 20 ft / 9.15 m

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