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Parker Pusher
William D "Billy" Parkermanufactured personal and exhibition biplanes, stressed for competition and aerobatics, principally powered by 50-80hp LeRhône rotary, during 1912-1914.
NX62E was a personal plane flown by Parker during his years as sales representative for Phillips Petroleum Co (later manager of Aviation Dept), and was active into the 1960s.Rebuilt and upgraded many times over the years, including the mid-wing ailerons were replaced by trailing-edge ailerons.
Parker had other pushers along the way for exhibition flying, as well [NR8Y (90hp OX-5), N66V, N4161K (80hp LeRhône)]. The latter was the most recent addition (c.1955), registered as Parker-Curtiss, with a rebuilt 90hp Curtiss OX-5. While the Curtiss name is often attached to Parker's products, and he admitted to initial design influence to some degree, he was in fact quite vocal about his planes being his own creations, noting that anyone serious about doing "loops and fancy flying" [his terms] in the 'teems would never use a Curtiss pusher because of the weakness of its "bamboo outriggers and other frail parts." Parker was still flying two of his originals in the '50s and '60s on tours for Phillips.

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