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Parker 1911
Built by Wilford Parker from what materials were on hand or found locally, it sported a landing gear of four motorcycle wheels, plain galvanized wire helping to brace its structure, and some gas pipe for parts of its frame. Parker incorporated a smoke chamber, with hand-operated bellows, built to study airflow across model wings.
After incorporation with a couple dozen townsfolks, completion of the airplane mid-year, and a maiden flight to 20' high and 1,500' in length (during which Parker also learned to fly) followed by a crash-landing, an exhibition tour was planned. Those plans were cut short when a second flight also ended in a crash with more severe damage.
With funds running low and no signs of any income on the horizon, and the reluctance of the plane to leave the ground in further modifications and attempts over three more years, the company was dissolved in 1914. Yet Parker is credited by many as the first to fly in Utah, which is contested by supporters of Lagar Culver for the honors.
Engine: Emerson, 60hp
Wing span: 14'0"
Seats: 1

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