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Slingsby T.56
The movie “Darling Lili” of 1970 was a vehicle for Rock Hudson and Julie Andrews. A musical comedy, the building of six S.E.5a reproductions added to the Allies squadron.
These Slingbsy T.56 were based on the Currie Wot airframe and were referred to as Minis due to their not being full size reproductions. Appearances in “You Can’t Win them All”, “Von Richtofen and Brown” (aka “The Red Baron”), and “Zeppelin”, followed. The latter two movies saw fatal crashes and the aircraft were soon after dispersed to private collections.
Gliding guru Derek Piggot oversaw the construction of the Slingsby versions, but due to a slight scaling error in design, the nose section was too big and boxy. It had almost twice the frontal area, so a large part of the propellor arc was blanked. It definitely looked a bit peculiar, and performance suffered.
The ones used in Darling Lil were the Slingsby built "Slingsby T.56 Currie Wot / SE.5a Replica" of which there were six. G-AVOT-Y. All sold to Eire then to USA


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