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Rousseau Aviation D.VII-65
20th Century Fox purchased the film rights of Jack D Hunter’s “The Blue Max” and the film was to be a multi-million dollar production, and the stars were to be the full sized reproductions of World War I fighters constructed for the film- two Pfalz D.III biplanes, two Fokker Dr.I triplanes, two S.E.5a scouts and three Fokker D.VII biplanes.
The reproductions had to be built in a hurry to meet the time frame for shooting and were constructed in different locations. At Dinard airport in France, Claude Rousseau constructed three Fokker D.VII fighters (F-BNDF to F-BNDH) in six months. At the time it was stated that the machines were constructed to original plans and dimensions. The two former Federated Fruit Dragon Rapides, G-AKJS and G-ANZP, left Liverpool destined to become part donors for the three Fokker D.VII. The limited choice of engines led to the Gypsy Queen being also installed in the D.VII reproductions. The Gypsy Queen is a six cylinder in-line inverted air-cooled direct-drive engine, as a result the prop emerges through what would be the radiator shell of a true D.VII. Since the Fokkers’ original Mercedes weighed almost twice as much, they required some 200 pounds of nose-ballast for balance. Rousseau Aviation named the reproduction the D.VII-65. They were painted in lozenze camouflage pattern colours.
Rousseau delivered its D.VIIs by actually flying them from France to the set in Exeter-Dublin, Ireland, during August 1965, their German crosses and lozenge camouflage no doubt raising eyebrows below.
The replicas were:
F-BNDF, EI-APT painted as 6796/18
Became N902AC / ZK-FOD
With The Vintage Aviator, New Zealand
F-BNDG, EI-APU painted as 8520/18
Became N903AC
Rendered un-airworthy in a landing accident
At Stampe & Vertongen Museum, Antwerp International Airport, Belgium
Later N904AC
On display at Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
They later appeared in "Darling Lili".


One Fokker D.VII now belong to New Zealand film director Peter Jackson's 1914–18 Trust, kept in fully airworthy condition.
Rousseau Aviation D.VII-65

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