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Renegade Light Sport Aircraft Carbon Pitts / Lil Rascal

Renegade Light Sport LLC has put a carbon fiber spin on the aerobatic Pitts S1C from Steen Aero, and christened the plane the Renegade "Lil Rascal." Previously known as the Carbon Pitts, Renegade was notified by Aviat that it held a trademark on the word "Pitts," necessitating the name change. Renegade says this aircraft is right in line with Renegades' business model of taking the best of the old dependable engines, airframes, and more, and putting the company's modern, state-of-the art touch to the projects.
Renegade elected to drop the FK-12 Comet project and instead bring a proven airframe to the marketplace which conforms to the LSA, ASTM standards. Renegade says the Rascal has the best of the old S1C airframe however it's is 4 inches wider, 6 inches longer in the cockpit, sporting a new all carbon fiber wing design, with full span ailerons, and complete carbon wing with no fabric what so ever. Both the top and bottom wings are all of a light-weight, extremely strong construction. Preliminary tests show the airplane is a 12 G machine, but Renegade restricts the G rating to 6 positive and 3 negative, the rating Lycoming puts on their new LSA specific inverted Christian Eagle oil system engine. The Rascal Sports comes standard with an all Glass Dynon 10" Skyview digital G meter cockpit, and smooth leather interior.
The Lil Rascal series feature a 4130 welded chromoly steel fuselage, spring steel landing gear and are biplanes with 4 ailerons. The wings and many parts of the fuselage are going to be made from carbon to add strength and cut down on weight.

It has the Lycoming AEIO -233 engine, the first four of which made by Lycoming are in Renegades Hangar. The prop is the new ground adjustable Sensenich black on carbon.
The LSA-compliant Lil Rascal LS1 (single-seat) and LS2 (two-seat), are both models powered by the fuel-injected electronic-ignition Lycoming AE-IO-233 LSA engine. The all-U.S. built fully aerobatic birds will make weight to the LSA spec. Price: US$125,000. Both models will be certified as S-LSA.
Engine: Lycoming AE-IO-233
Empty weight: 650 lb
Cruises: 120 kt
Stall: 41 kt
Seats: 1
Engine: Lycoming AE-IO-233
Empty weight: 750 lb
Seats: 2
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