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Rohr 2-175
In 1974, Rohr Chairman Burt Raynes resolved to move Rohr into the light airplane market by summoning Walt Mooney as designer and project manager to come up with a quantum leap in light aircraft technology. Mooney selected the best people Rohr had, including key players Bill Chana, Bob Fronius, Mike Voydisch, and Don Westergren, and built three airframes; two flying prototypes and a static tester, plus 1/10- and 1/2-scale models for feasibility tests.
Fiberglass-reinforced plastic honeycomb construction. Sparless folding wings and vertical tail for storage in an average one-car garage. Goodrich Aerostructures Group was a contract manufacturer of engine cowlings and pylons.
A shortage of funds precluded further development. By the time the project ended (for reasons having nothing to do with the merits of the airplane), one prototype had accumulated 23 hours in the air.
Engine: 150hp Lycoming special high-rpm (4400rpm)
Prop: four-blade ducted-fan pusher prop plus a six-blade stator
Wingspan: 30'0"
Length: 28'0"
Gross weight: 1450 lb
Seats: 2

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