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Potez-Heinkel CM 191
Potez-Heinkel C.M.192
Heinkel P.191
A new Heinkel company (mid of fifties) began by forming the Flugzeug Union-Süd Group, in collaboration with Messerchmitt AG., to produce 210 Fouga Magister for the new German air force. In cooperation with Potez, it developped from the Magister a new four seat executive, training and liaison aircraft known as the Potez-Heinkel CM-191. Heinkel was entirely responsible of the production.
The prototype of the four-seat Potez-Heinkel CM191 was flown for the first time at Toulouse on 19 March 1962. Jacques Grangette, Potez's chief pilot was at the controls, with P.Caneill. The CM 191 first flight lasted forty minutes and a second flight of one hour and ten munites duration was made on the same day.
Two prototypes were built. They were for many years as experimental aircraft to test various equipment or as liaison aircraft
Potez - Heinkel CM191 # 1 received a double registration from the beginning as D- 9504 and D- IHAM. It made ​​its first flight in Toulouse March 19, 1962 and after 109 hr of manufacturer flight testing it was issued to the CEV Istres for testing .
It was subsequently delivered to Germany where it finished its career with 61 Erprobungsstelle Manching. This aircraft was registered in the United States, where it has changed ownership in 2008, to be based in Elk Grove, Illinois.
Potez - Heinkel CM191 # 2 received the registration D- 9532 and completed its career with 61 Erprobungsstelle Manching. This aircraft is now preserved and exhibited at the Am Technik Museum, Speyer, Germany.
Potez - Heinkel CM- 191 # 2 D- 9532
CM.191 - 1956 4-seat corporate jet deriv. of CM.170, 2 x Marboré IV, 2 built
CM.191: aka Potez-Heinkel C.M.191, aka Heinkel P.191, first flown 1962
CM.192 - Messier project nos. 48046/48007 and 27457/48008
CM.192: Flight 1 June 1961 ident. Potez-Heinkel C.M.192 as per C.M.191
Engines: 2 x Marboré IV
Span, without tip-tanks: 12,02 m (39 ft. 5 in)
Span, with tip-tanks: 12,70 m (41 ft. 8 in)
Length: 9,93 m (32 ft. 7 in.)
Height: 3,20 m (10 ft. 6 in.)
Weigth empty: 2 391 Kg (5,271 lb.)
Max Payload: 380 kg (838 lb.)
Max TO weight: 4 350 Kg (9,590 lb.)
Max 0 fuel weight: 3 005 Kg (6,625 lb.)
Max wing loading: 231 Kg/m² (47.3 lb/sq ft)
Max. Speed: 710 kmh (441 mph)
Max. Permissible speed: 740 kmh (460 mph)
Max. Crusing speed: 605 kmh (376 mph)
Stalling speed: 148 kmh (92 mph)
Max rate of climb: 906 m/mn (2970 ft/mn)
Service ceiling: 12 000 m (39,370 ft)
TO. Run: 900 m (3,250 ft)
TO. Run dist. to 15m: 1 180 m (3,870 ft)
Range with max fuel: 1860 km (1,150 miles)

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