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Sud-Ouest Deltaviex
The Deltaviex is an experimental aircraft designed by ONERA for development of supersonic aircraft. designed in 1953 by ONERA, the prototype was built by SNCASO in Courbevoie, under the direction of engineer Aliette.
The aircraft was intended for multiple testing, including a roll stabilization device obtained by the profile of the trailing edge landing flaps. This device was developed lift while providing propulsion. Conventional ailerons were located at the ends of the wings. At 3.40 m they were partly intended to produce a very low inertia and damping in roll. The jet was formed by air bled from the engine in a small proportion (about 2%). The system has a switchable ramp equipped with many output holes. The steering was done with an extremely short period of around five hundredths of a second, producing a flap ange of + / - 2 °. The 70° wing thickness does not exceed 6%. It is adjustable in flight to 1 ° -4 °. The tricycle undercarriage is retractable.
The Deltaviex made ​​its first flight in 1954 with Robert Fouquet at the controls, registered F-WBHA c/n. 001. It was mainly flown by Robert Fouquet, chosen due to his small size, essential in the cramped cockpit of the minuscule aircraft. Its small size allowed testing it in the wind tunnel at Modane (Savoy) at full scale in order to precisely measure its behaviour in various flying situations. The aircraft served for trials with blown ailerons, whereby bleed air from its Marboré II engine was blown over the wing trailing edge, a system later installed for example on the F-104 Starfighter. An innovative directional control system was installed, using pressurised air instead of a rudder and elevator to change direction.
Testing remained secret until November 8, 1956, when the Deltaviex was introduced to the press.
During testing (at Brétigny, Meudon, and Modane), the Deltaviex changed canopy type three times.
The single example of the Deltaviex finished its career at Modane (Savoie). It was recovered in 1984, from a garage owner in the region, by the Association of Ailes Anciennes Toulouse. It is held association at:
Ailes Anciennes Toulouse
Derrière le 5 chemin de Laporte
Saint Martin du Touch
31300 Toulouse
Engine: Turbomeca Marbore II turbojet, 400 Kp
Wingspan: 3.40 m
Length: 7.10 m
Height: 2.50 m
Empty weight: 550 kg
Max weight: 920 kg
Wing area: 5 m²
Max speed: 400 km h
Range: 300 km

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