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Shapley Kittiwake



Designed and built by Errol Spencer Shapley at Torquay, Devon, the Kittiwake was a two-seat monoplane with a gull wing and a fixed landing gear. The first aircraft, a Mark 1 registered G-AEZN (c/n ESS.1), with an open cockpit was powered by a 50 hp (37 kW) Continental A50 piston engine and first flown at Roborough in 1937. A Captain F Symodson was the test pilot. The second aircraft, a Mark 2 registered G-AFRP (c/n ESS.2), was a cabin monoplane powered by a 90 hp (67 kW) Pobjoy Niagara III engine and first flown at Roborough in 1938.

The Mark 1 aircraft was dismantled before the Second World War. The Mark 2 was stored during the war only to crash on Dartmoor in December 1946.




Kittiwake Mark 2
Engine: 1 × Pobjoy Niagara III, 90 hp (67 kW)
Wingspan: 32 ft 0 in (9.76 m)
Length: 20 ft 10 in (6.35 m)
Empty weight: 901 lb (409 kg)
Gross weight: 1600 lb (726 kg)
Cruise speed: 110 mph (176 km/h)
Crew: 1
Capacity: 1






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