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The Elektra Two aircraft are scaled versions of the Elektra One Solar. Two versions are:

Version 1: Elektra Two Standard, with two different wing span: 17 meters and 14 meters
Version 2: Elektra Two Record. Only one unit for a range over 2000 km was to be built.

The outer shape of the Elektra Two Standard is the same as the Elektra Two Record. Two versions will be provided: the long span version (17 meters) and the short span version (14 meters).

Elektra Two Standard (long & short version) are for cruise, flying clubs and training

Construction is carbon / glass and solar cells on the wing surface provide the energy to fly. The solar cells will be laminated in the wing skin structure.



Elektra Two Standard
Max. engine power: 40 kW
Wing span: 14 m / 17 m
Wing surface: 15 sq.m / 19 sq.m
MTOW: 350 kg
Empty weight: 200 kg
Battery weight: up to 100 kg
Payload: 180 kg
Max. range:    
14 m wing span: 500 km
17 m wing span: 700 km
Max. endurance:  
14 m wing span: 5 hours
17 m wing span: 8 hours
14 m wing span: 140 km/h
17 m wing span: 120 km/h
Aspect ratio:
14 m wing span: 13
17 m wing span: 15
Best glide ratio:
14 m wing span: 28
17 m wing span: 34
Certification: LTF-UL germany


Elektra Two Record
Max. engine power: 16 kW
Wing span: 17 m
Wing surface: 19 sq.m     
MTOW: 350 kg
Empty weight: 140 kg
Battery weight: 80 kg
Payload: 150 kg
Max. range: more than 2,000 km     
Max. endurance: over 20 hours     
Cruise: 80 km/h     
Aspect ratio: 15     
Best glide ratio: 34
Certification: LTF-UL Germany


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