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Rusjan EDA V



Since Rusjan could not realise the planned development of aircraft to commercial production in Slovene circumstances, in the middle of 1910 he concluded a partnership with the Serb, Mihailo Mercep, a well-known Zagreb photographer and cyclist, who planned the production of aircraft for the market. So the Mercep-Rusjan monoplane (a supplemented variant of EDA VI) was created in the first aircraft factory in Croatia, and it rose into the air after a record 28 metes flight. Edvard successfully flew over Zagreb with it at the end of 1910.
The EDA V monoplane proved the best performances.
In 2000, a modern reconstruction of EDA V flew by Aidussina (Slovenia). Emil Novak was at the same time the designer and test pilot.
EDA V replica in flight at the Cerklje Airshow 2000
At the air meeting which was held in Cerklje ob Krki on 24 and 25 July 2000, the Slovenian President Milan Kucan baptised a copy of Edvard's aircraft EDA V.



EDA V replica






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