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SV Aircraft SV X1 Famate-Mantis / Mantis


The SV Xl takes on the sleek lines of the SV series of aircraft from the Veenstra factory. The approach this time is to cater for people who admire the glider lines but would prefer conventional performances. The Xl will have sprung main wheels and a V tail. The owner will have the option to purchase the SV Xl without the sleek cockpit and fly in the breezy aluminium frame that is hidden under the fibreglass skin. Aircraft marketed as Mantis in New South Wales, Australia.

Engine: Fuji Robin 244
Prop: 81 cm x 46cm pitch
Wingspan: 8m
Length: 5m
Weight: 265kgs
Fuel capacity: 27 ltr
Cruise speed: 48 kts
Stall: 30kts


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