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Sukhoi S-37 / Su-47 Berkut


A forward swept wing research aircraft. The S-37 uses some Su-27 parts, including the undercarriage and vertical tails. Sukhoi uses up to 90 percent composite materials in the wing’s structure, and these have proven able to cope with the considerable bending and structural loading on this type of wing during close-in maneuvering across a wide speed range.



The first prototype flew on September 25, 1997 at the Russian experimental base at Zhukovsky near Moscow. The S-37 fighter is intended to be more than just a technology demonstrator, as OKB Sukhoi is pushing this aircraft to become Russia's fifth generation fighter.





Engines: 2 x Aviadvigatel (Perm) D-30F6 turbofans, 34,177 lbs thrust
Max take-off weight: 26000 kg / 57320 lb
Wingspan: 15.16 m / 50 ft 9 in
Length: 22.20 m / 73 ft 10 in
Height: 6.36 m / 21 ft 10 in
Max. speed: 2500 km/h / 1553 mph
Range w/max.fuel: 3880 km / 2411 miles
Armament: 1 x 30mm cannon
Crew: 1

Sukhoi S-37 Berkut




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