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Stolp SA-750 Acroduster Too


Designed by Jim Osborne & Morgan Schrack and first flown in 1984, the Acroduster Too SA750 is a fully aerobatic, two-place machine stressed to plus & minus 9 G's. It has modified symmetrical wings and is meant for minimum of 180 and up to 360 horsepower.


The optimum engine is the fuel-injected 200 HP Lycoming, with constant speed propeller. The prototype cruises about 160 mph, climbs 2300 fpm, and stalls at 55 mph. Although it has a comparatively sharp stall and sensitive control response, wings can be maintained in the level attitude with rudder alone or with aileron. This with stick full back by reducing power to idle and zero climb until stall is obtained.

Construction follows traditional biplane practices with steel tube structure and spruce wing spars. Ribs are plywood with cap strips.

All materials were available from Stolp Starduster Corporation, either in kit form or as raw materials.


Engine: 200 hp
HP range: 180-300
Height: 6.8 ft
Length: 18.5 ft
Wing span: 21.4 ft
Wing area: 130 sq.ft
Weight empty: 1050 lb
Gross: 1950 lb
Fuel cap: 35 USG
Speed max: 185 mph
Cruise: 155 mph
Stall: 55 mph
ROC: 2300 fpm
Landing dist: 1200 ft
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tail wheel



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