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Stits SA-6 Flut-R-Bug


SA6B Flut-R-Bug                                                Courtesy Don Stits


The two-seat Flut-R-Bug was designed in 1955 by Ray Stits for homebuilding projects. The improved SA-6B model was built in considerable numbers including two in Australia where they were to act as prototypes for a local version known as the Hamilton Jackaroo. This never eventuated. The steel-tube fuselage and wooden wings are fabric-covered. Fitted with a tricycle undercarriage and with a 75 hp motor the Flut-R-Bug can cruise at 135 km/h for about 400 km.


SA-6B Flut-R-Bug                                               Courtesy Don Stits
The first Flut-R-Bug was the Model SA-5A, followed by the SA-5B. Stits also designed tandem versions (SA-6A and SA-6B) and then the two-place, side-by-side SA-6C. The Flut-R-Bug was typically powered by either a small Continental or Lycoming engine.
SA-6C Flut-R-Bug                                               Courtesy Don Stits



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