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Stinson 108 Voyager


Introduced in August 1945, the model 108 Voyager accounted for almost half of all four-place aircraft sold. By the end of 1947, Stinson Aircraft had built over 5200 Voyagers, including a Station agon version, but by then the boom had ended and 200 unsold Voyagers were parked at Willow Run Airport.


Stinson 108-3 Voyager OY-AVE


In 1964 Universal Aircraft Industries, Denver, re-certificated the Stinson Voyager as the Model 108-5, powered by a 180 hp Franklin. It was licenced in both utility and normal category and gross weights were 2000 lb and 2400 lb respectively. Cruising speed was 126 mph.

Stinson Station Wagon 108-3
Price: US$6,484 (new)
Engine: Franklin 6A4-165-B3, 165 hp
Fuel type: 80/100LL
Propeller: Sensenich, Fixed
Landing gear type: Conventional
Max ramp weight: 2400 lb
Gross weight: 2400 lb
Max landing weight: 2400 lb
Empty weight: 1320 lb
Useful load: 50 lb
Oil capacity: 8 qt
Wingspan: 34 ft
Overall length: 24 ft. 6 in
Height: 6 ft. 10 in
Wing area: 155 sq. ft
Wing loading: 15.5 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 14.5 lbs./hp
Wheel track: 84 in
Wheel size: 6 in
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin doors: 2
Cabin width: 39 in
Cabin height: 46 in
Baggage capacity: 100 lb
Max level speed: 108 knots
Cruise speed 75% power: 104 knots
Fuel consumption 75% power: 10.0 USgph
Stall speed (flaps up): 54 knots
Stall speed (flaps down): 48 knots
Best rate of climb: 550 to 650 fpm
Service ceiling: 16,500 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 980 ft
Landing ground roll: 940 ft

Stinson 108-3 on Edo 2425 Float
Engine: Continental O-470, 230 hp
Gross weight: 2500 lb
Max ramp weight: 2500 lb
Useful load, std: 800 lb
Power loading: 10.9 lbs./hp
Seating capacity: 4
Climb rate: 750 fpm
Max certified altitude: 14,000 ft
Max cruise range, 75%: 110 nm
Takeoff distance, wheels: 600 ft
Landing distance, wheels: 550 ft



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