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Stinson SM-6000 Trimotor / Model T



Eddie Stinson introduced his tri-motors in 1929, for American and Eastern Airlines.
SM-6000B (Model T)
American Airways (later American Airlines) sold their SM-6000B (Model T) at discount price. Delta paid $5,400 each, compared to $22,500 when new.
Delta had high hopes of winning a badly needed mail contract in 1930, to cover the expenses of flying passengers. Instead, the contract went to AVCO, predecessor of American Airlines, forcing Delta to suspend passenger service in October 1930 and sell its planes.
In 1934, Delta got a chance to win back the route it had pioneered, when the new Franklin D. Roosevelt administration cancelled all airmail contracts and called for new bids. A bid of 24.8 cents per pound won Air Mail Route 24.
SM-6000B (Model T)
First delivered on June 23, 1934, Stinson T aircraft carried Delta's very first air mail on July 4, 1934.
Passenger service resumed on August 5th. Six were operated Fort Worth, Texas to Charleston, South Carolina (Air Mail Route 24) with the last retiring circa 1937.

Engines: 3 x Lycoming R680, 215 hp
Cruise: 85 kt / 98 mph
Pax cap: 10


Stinson SM-6000B (Model T)
Engines: 3
Speed: 100 mph
Seats: 7 passengers
SM-6000B (Model T)





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