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Stewart Headwind JD1HW1.7 / SAC-1VW


The prototype Headwind N8667E was built over a period of 5 months and was first flown on March 28, 1962.

The Headwind is described as an extremely simple airplane of steel tubing construction for the fuselage and tail. The wings are two wood spars with either sawed plywood or formed aluminum ribs. All the fittings are flat, and only two of them require any preassembly. The engine bolts directly to the front of the fuselage, saving a separate engine mount. A 36- to 65-hp VW engine is used. The Headwind was the first design to use the Volkswagen engine in the United States and much development work was required to get the engine to it's full potential as an aircraft engine. The most important development in the engine work was the design and patenting of a propeller speed reducing unit (PSRU) to allow the engine to develop it's full horsepower. Many structural (to simplify and make it easier to build) and aerodynamic improvements have been made to the design so that now the only part of the original design still used is the engine mount and the portion of the fuselage between the cockpit and the stabilizer. Everything else is new.




In the forty some years that the Headwind has been in existence, many examples have been built all over the world. Well over one hundred airplanes are now in service powered by a variety of engines, however, only the Volkwagen engine is shown on the plans. No other engine data is published.

Approved Maneuvers:
Steep turns ( 60 degree bank ) Entry - Cruise
Lazy Eight " - 85 mph
Chandelle " - 85 mph
Spin ( one turn ) " - Stall
Maximum aft limit for spins 14.8"

Headwind B

Wing Span 28' 3"
Length 17' 0"
Height ( tail down ) 5' 9"
Gross Wt. 760 lb
Empty Wt. 450 lb
Fuel capaci-ty: 6 USG
Vno 80 - 85 mph
Vne 110 mph
Vso 38-42 mph
R of C 650 fpm 1st minute
T.O. distance ( 0 wind ) 300'
Landing run ( 0 wind no brakes ) 400'
Endurance 2 hours
Range 195sm
Stabilizer Span 7' 7"
Wheel Track 5' 2 1/2"
Wheel Base 13' 6"
Wing Area 110.95 sq.ft
Ailerons ( eff. area ) 14.83 sq.ft
Fin 2.17 sq.ft
Rudder 4.17 sq.ft
Stabilizer 7.00 sq.ft
Elevator 9.54 sq.ft

Headwind B
Cruise: 85 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 200 sm
Rate of climb: 650 fpm
Takeoff dist: 300 ft
Landing dist: 400 ft
Engine: VW, 53 hp
Fuel capacity: 7 USG
Empty weight: 435 lb
Gross weight: 750 lb
Length: 17 ft
Wing span: 28-3 ft
Wing area: 110 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Cockpit width: 23-25 in
Landing gear: tailwheel
LSA: yes




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