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St. Louis Aircraft C2 Cardinal / Cardinal Senior / Super Cardinal

St. Louis Cardinal, 100 hp. model, at Lambert Field ca. 1929

St. Louis Aircraft seized the opportunity afforded by the "Lindbergh Boom" in 1928 to produce a line of light, enclosed-cabin, two-seat, single radial-engine monoplanes christened Cardinals. At 1929 Detroit Aircraft Show exhibited the Cardinal high-wing monoplane, the company's first airplane. Cardinal Senior which followed had more power.
St Louis C2-85 Cabin


Unfortunately, the Cardinal's timing was not ideal: having been beaten into production by such highly successful similar private aircraft as the Monocoupe, Curtiss Robin, and others, the Cardinal did not sell well, becoming an early victim of the Depression-era aeronautical slump.



The last of 21 Cardinals was delivered in 1931.
St Louis C2-60 as C2-110 NC951K


C2-60 Cardinal
ATC 2-92, superseded by 273
Engine: LeBlond 5D, 60hp
Wingspan: 32'4"
Length: 20'7"
Useful load: 600 lb
Max speed: 105 mph
Cruise: 90 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 500 mi
Seats: 2
Price: $3,700
No built: 10
1 later converted to C2-85 (N903K)
1 to C2-90 (NC31H)
1 to C2-110 (NC951K)
Modified C2-60 NC1111
C2-85 Cardinal
ATC 350
Engine: LeBlond 5DF, 85hp
Length: 21'0"
Useful load: 580 lb
Max speed: 116 mph
Cruise: 98 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 490 mi
Seats: 2
No built: 1 NC559N
Price: $3,750
C2-90 Senior Cardinal
ATC 264
Engine: LeBlond 7D, 90hp
Length: 21'3"
Useful load: 545 lb
Max speed: 118 mph
Cruise speed: 102 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 300 mi
Seats: 2
Designer: Harry McKay
Price: $3,750
No built: 6, 1 converted from C2-60.
C2-100 Super Cardinal
Engine: 110hp Warner Scarab
Seats: 2
No built: 1 conversion, NX12319, for factory tests
C2-110 Super Cardinal
ATC 277 / 2-188
Engine: Kinner K-5, 100hp
Length: 20'6"
Useful load: 557 lb
Max speed: 125 mph
Cruise speed: 107 mph
Stall: 39 mph
Range: 475 mi
Price: $4,250
No built: 6, with 1 converted from C2-60; 1 as C2-100 Special under (2-188)
Plush version of C2-90 with Kinner K-5






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