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Statler Firefly


Firefly was designed by Bill Statler, former Lockheed engineer who earlier designed an all-metal midwing racer, Little Mike, in the Goodyear 190-ci. class, Firefly was designed to resemble a two-place For-mula One racer, carries 80 sq.ft of wing instead of 66. Both cockpit places have complete controls; Firefly is soloed from front seat. Con-struction is basically metal, with fiberglass cowl, wingtips, fairings, wheel pants. Flaps are electrically operated.

Gross Wt. 1300 lb
Empty Wt. 835 lb
Wingspan 19’2”
Length 18’11”
Engine C-85 Continental
Fuel capacity 18 USG
Top speed 160 mph
Cruise 152 mph
Stall 63 mph clean, 56 mph flaps down
Climb rate 800 fpm
Ceiling 16,000 ft
Takeoff roll 600 ft
Landing roll 800 ft
Range 3 hrs. plus res



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