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Staaken Z-1 / Z-21 / Z-21A Flitzer


Designed by British aviation artist Lynn Williams, the Flitzer is a mythical inter-war sport plane. The original Z-1 prototype was powered by an 1835cc VW. This was followed by the stronger Z-21, incorporating a longer span horizontal stabiliser and other refinements, still with a 22in wide fuselage.

The Z-21A features a wider fuselage, at 24in at the cockpit.

The slightly more compact Stummel Flitzer has a shorter fuselage with raked cabane, a larger tank bay and rounded flying surfaces. This comes in two versions, the Stummel Flitzer S and the Stummel Flitzer R, optimised for aerobatics using engines in the 60-100hp range. The fuselage is strengthened to +6/-3G and balanced, slaved ailerons have been added to the upper wing.

By 2008, more than 200 sets of plans had been sold, in 33 illustrated 3x2ft sheets. All metal fittings drawn to full size. The sub versions are all derivatives, and come as modifications to the basic plans. Flitzers use conventional construction with plank spars and built-up ribs forming the USA 35B wing section, squared off with laminated wood wingtip bows. All ribs are identical.

Engine: VW 1800cc
Prop: 2 blade fixed
Wingspan: 18 ft
Wing loading: 7.73 lb/sq.ft
Fuel cap: 10.6 USG
Max gross wt: 750 lb
Empty wt: 540 lb
Useful load: 210 lb
Full fuel payload: 148 lb
Seats: 1
Cabin width: 24 in
Max ROC: 720 fpm
Stall: 42 mph / 37 kt
TO dist:    900 ft
Landing dist: 400 ft
Fuel burn @ cruise: 4.3 USG/hr
Cruise: 86 mph / 75 kt @ 3000 ft @ 75% pwr.

Engine: Jabiru 2200, 80 hp
Prop: Heliptera

Engine: AeroVee 2180cc VW, 80 hp
Prop: 60x34in Beechwood



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