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Squadron Aviation SE5a Model 13
Loehle SE-5A



Squadron Aviation produce a variety of replicas and most of the specs are very similar. All three of the aircraft, designed by Lew Parsley, are produced at the company's Columbus, Ohio plant and are structurally the same. Wing panels are pre-assembled at the factory from stamped aluminium ribs and aluminium tubing, as is the precisely jigged aluminium tubing fuselage and tail feathers. The kit-builder is faced with assembly (all critical holes are drilled), rigging (accomplished with a simple jig concept detailed by the factory) and traditional dope and fabric covering. The external styling to create each replica is obtained with the use of a plastic pre-moulded and coloured cowling for the three individual ultralights. Flight performances are very good with a take-off roll of 22 metres the standard. A very comprehensive kit was available which includes everything, right down to the dope finish of the squadron of your choice. Centre mounted joy stick, rudder pedals, tailwheel or skid.


Built by Squadron Aviation before manufacture and marketing were acquired by Loehle. Loehle shipped kits pre-built to covering stage. LSA approved.

Empty wt: 253 lbs
Wing span: 24 ft
Wing area: 168 sq.ft
Height: 6’4”
Length: 16 ft
Fuel cap; 5 USG
Construction: Aluminium, Dacron
Engine: Cuyuna ULII-02 (429 cc) 35 hp
Prop: 183cm
Static thrust: 300+ lbs
Max wt: 504 lbs
Max pilot wt: 225 lbs
Stall: 22 mph
Econ cruise speed: 45 kts
Max speed: 63 mph
Vne: 75 mph
Climb rate: 1000 fpm @ 45 mph
Design limit: +4, -2g
Glide ratio: 5.5-1
Wing loading: 3lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 14.4 lbs/hp
Take-off distance: 75 ft
Landing distance: 100 ft


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