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Spartan 7W Executive / Zeus


A total of 34 were built in the US between December 1935 and March 1940. The first flew on 19 March 1935, powered by a 285hp Jacobs, but all production aircraft were powered by the Pratt & Whitney 985 Wasp Junior.

The Spartan 17W Executive was comparable to the D17S in speed, weights and cabin size, and it was powered by the same reliable Pratt & Whit-ney. It was well liked by pilots, and being an all-metal, low-wing monoplane, was of more modern design than the Beech. Despite one less wing, however, it was no faster. The Executive never really had a chance to compete, though. Spartan was expecting to get a Government contract for a biplane trainer and in 1940 stopped production of the Executive to de-vote all its facilities to that purpose. The con-tract never came, and only a handful of Exec-utives were ever built.

Spartan Executive 4/5-seat all-metal monoplane of 1936 converted in 1938 to Zeus 2-seat military type; a few of which supplied to China and Mexico.




Engine: Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior, 450 hp
Seats: 5
Cruise: 208 mph
Undercarriage: retractable



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