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Soviet Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau Orlyonok



A 125-tonne, 200-knot troop transport and assault wing in surface effect craft for the Soviet forces. The development of ekranoplans was supported by Dmitri Ustinov, Minister of Defence of USSR. About 120 ekranoplans (A-90 Orlyonok class) were initially planned to enter military service in the Soviet Navy.
In 1972, the first really working military “Orlyonok” was built, intended for the transfer of amphibious assault forces to a range of up to 1,500 km.

The figure was later reduced to less than thirty vehicles, planned to be deployed mainly for the Black and the Baltic Soviet navies. Marshal Ustinov died in 1985, and the new Minister of Defence Marshal Sokolov effectively ceased the funding for the program. The only three operational A-90 Orlyonok ekranoplans built (with renewed hull design) and one Lun-class ekranoplan remained at a naval base near Kaspiysk.




A-90 "Orlyonok" in the Museum of the Navy in Tushino, Moscow





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