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Sorrell SNS-7 Hiperbipe


Designed in 1975, the fuselage, tail group, engine/landing gear mount, interplane struts and flight control systems are all welded steel tube. Wing construction is all-wood with a stressed skin. Landing gear is the Wittman type. The engine cowling and wheel fairings are fiberglass. Then, the entire airframe is fabric covered, including the plywood-covered wings.

Advanced aerobatic maneuvers are possible in the Hiperbipe, such as vertical eight point rolls, inside/outside vertical eights, etc, but the Hiperbipe doesn’t sacrifice the comforts such as complete carpeting, full electrical system, lights and radio.

Basic kit includes fuselage sides, wings built, with wood and steel tubing and sheet steel. Price 1982:  $4,950 basic kit, options to $19,000. Units delivered to June 1981: 87.

Engine: Lycoming IO-360, 180 hp
Speed max: 170 mph
Cruise: 160 mph
Range: 502 sm
Stall: 50 mph
ROC: 1500 fpm
Take-off dist: 400 ft
Landing dist: 595 ft
Service ceiling: 18,000 ft
Fuel cap: 39 USG
Weight empty: 1236 lb
Gross: 1911 lb
Height: 5.9 ft
Length: 20.8 ft
Wing span: 22.8 ft
Wing area: 129 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tail wheel



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