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SOCATA Super Horizon 2000 / Provence / ST.10 Diplomate


From the all-metal GY.80 Horizon SOCATA developed an improved model that first flew in November 1967 with a lengthened fuselage, a redesigned cabin, a modified tail unit, a more powerful engine and revised landing gear. This last adopted main units that retracted inwards into the undersurfaces of the wings, while the nosewheel unit retracted to leave about one-quarter of the wheel exposed. Initially designated Super Horizon 2000 and then Provence, the type eventually became the ST.10 Diplomate by the time production deliveries began at the end of 1969. Despite the fact that it offered a usefully higher level of performance than the Horizon, the type failed to attract any real sales enthusiasm and SOCATA ended production in 1975 after delivery of only 56 examples.

ST.10 Diplomate
Type: four-seat sport and touring lightplane
Span: 9.70m (31ft 9.75in)
Length: 7.26m (23 ft 9.75 in)
Powerplant: 1 x Avco Lycoming IO-360-C1B, 149kW (200 hp)
Max TO weight: 1220 kg (2,690 lb)
Max speed: 174 mph at sea level
Operational range: 860 miles



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