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SMAN Petrel



A side by side two seat amphibious pusher biplane. A full detachable canopy that can be converted into an open cockpit with its own separate windshield.

The wings, boom and tail section detach for reduced storage and easy transportation.
Production of the Petrel was taken over by SMAN, who returned it to the market circa 1998.


Engine Rotax 618
Propeller Airplast 166DAS6275/3
Undercarriage retractable


Engine: Rotax 912, 80 hp
Wing span: 8.50 m
Wing area: 17 sq.m
MAUW: 450 kg
Fuel capacity: 53 lt
Max speed: 150 kph
Cruise speed: 130 kph
Minimum speed: 65 kph
Climb rate: 3.5 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 13 lt/hr
Price (1998): 245 000 F
Kit price (1998): 121 000 F sm







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