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Sky Raider Frontier


The Frontier side by side is a bush plane kit aircraft. The Frontier Kit is divided into three sub-kits. Each sub kit comes with everything needed to finish the job. Complete, step-by-step instructions with illustrations and photos are included with each kit. The complete airframe should be ready to cover in only a few days.

The fuselage kit includes a powder coated fuselage that is ready to attach parts to. The builder will install the rudder pedals, master cylinders and pulleys. When the fuel system and control cables are installed the fuselage will be ready be covered.
The standard fuselage kit sold for US$16,200 in 2009.

The wing kit includes everything needed to finish the wings, flaps, ailerons, fuel tanks, and fabric system. Every nut and washer, screw and component part is in the kit. Attaching pulleys, running cables and urethaning ribs is all that is necessary prior to covering.
The standard wing kit sold for US$8,800 in 2009.

The finishing kit includes everything that doesn’t come in the first two kits, minus paint, the instruments, and the FWF. It includes: the engine cowl, engine mount, windows, seats with standard upholstery, shoulder harnesses and seat belts, boot cowl assembly and firewall, instrument panel, landing gear system, tailwheel and tail spring, 8:00 x 6 tires and tubes, and wing struts.
The standard finishing kit sold for US$7,600 in 2009.

Sky Raider Frontier

Lycoming 290
Gross Weight 1320/1600 Ibs
VNE 130 mph
Wing span wlo wing tips 30 ft
Cruise 105 mph
Wing Area wi wing tips 107 sq. ft
Stall w/ Flaps 40 deg 38 mph
Length 22 ft 2 in
Stall clean 42 mph
Height 6 ft 8 in
Take off Roll 250 ft
Width Folded 7 ft 9 in
Climb Rate 820 fpm
Length Folded 22 ft 2 in
Empty weight 916 lbs
Gear Width 76 in
Useful load 682 lbs
Cabin Width 47 in
Load limit factors +6g - 4g
Fuel Capacity 26 USgal



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