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Sisler Cygnet SF-2A


Designed by Burt Sisler, USA, the two-place, plans-built, VW powered Cygnet has geodesic wing construction, offers excellent short-field performance, good climb rate and ease of control. It can handle two 175-pound people and 80 lbs of baggage. This is a United States designed side-by-side 2 seater being designed for STOL operations. The Cygnet features folding wings and is designed for running on Mogas. Early United States machines were powered by a 60 hp HAPI engine, providing a 100 mph cruise and 350 mile range.

The Cygnet Model SF-2A in 2008 was available from:
Viking Aircraft
333 Sunny Hill Dr
Elkhorn, Wisconsin 55312

Engine: 1835cc HAPI VW conversion
HP range: 60-82
Speed max: 108 mph
Cruise: 90-100 mph
Range: 390 sm
Stall: 41 mph (solo), 48 mph (dual)
ROC: 580 fpm
Take-off dist: 700 ft
Landing dist: 700 ft
Fuel cap: 15 USG
Weight empty: 585 lbs
Gross: 1100 lbs
Height: 5.83 ft
Length: 19 ft
Wing span: 30 ft
Wing area: 125 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tail wheel

Cygnet SF-2A
Engine: 1835 60HP VW
Span: 30 ft
Empty Weight: 585 lbs
Useful Load: 515 lbs
Seats: 2 Side by Side
Stall: 48 mph
Landing Speed: 60 mph
Cruise: 100 mph
Rate of Climb: 580 fpm



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