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Sikorsky S-36 / XPS-1


Sikorsky developed the S-36, a larger version of the S-34, and six S-36 amphibians were built, each with two 200hp Wright Whirlwind engines.

The US Navy used the S-36B on transport and utility duties as the XPS-1.

Other S-36s, carrying two crew and up to six passengers on two facing bench seats with a table between, were delivered to Andean National Corporation and, on 7 December 1927, to the newly formed Pan American Airways for survey flights in the Caribbean.

An S-36, named Dawn, was bought by Mrs Frances Grayson, a niece of President Wilson, who wanted to be the first woman to fly the Atlantic. After take-off on 23 December 1927, with Mrs Grayson and two pilots on board, it vanished over the ocean.



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