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SIAI-Marchetti SF.600TP Canguro
General Avia SF600TP Cangaru
VulcanAir SF600TP Cangaru


The prototype SF600TP Cangaru (Kangaroo) general utility transport was built by General Avia and made its first flight on 30 December 1978. Production examples entered service in an air taxi role on 8 April 1988.

A choice of fixed or retractable undercarriage versions was available, the engines being 450 shp (335 kW) Allison 250-B17F turboprops.

Projected military versions of the twin-turboprop SF.600TP Canguro include a swing-tail cargo transport, an electronic warfare aircraft, and a maritime surveil-lance variant with an undernose 360o -scan Bendix RDR-1400 search radar. Two under-wing and two underfuselage hardpoints are provided.

The basic utility version can be equipped with 12 inward facing seats for paradropping, four stretchers for medevac, or Zeiss-type cameras for photographic reconnaissance, and can also be used for target or glider towing.


In 1990 the PADC in the Philippines started assembling S 211s, followed by SF 260 TPWs and SF 600 Canguro in agreement with SIAI Marchetti of Italy.

The SF.600 Canguro was taken over by VulcanAir.

Engines: 2 x Allison 250-B17C turboprops, 450 shp (335 kW)
Max take-off weight: 3300 kg / 7275 lb
Wingspan: 15 m / 49 ft 3 in
Length: 12.15 m / 40 ft 10 in
Height: 4.6 m / 15 ft 1 in
Max. speed: 305 km/h / 190 mph
Ceiling: 7300 m / 23950 ft
Range: 1580 km / 982 miles


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