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Short SD3-30 / 330 / C-23 Sherpa


The prototype of the Shorts SD3-30 30-passenger unpressurized commuter airliner; later redesignated Shorts 330, was derived from the smaller Skyvan, with a fuselage stretched to accommodate 30 passengers while retaining the Skyvan's twin tail fin, but including a semi-retractable undercarriage.

The Short SD3-30 prototype (G-BSBH), a 30-passenger airliner powered by twin turboprop engines, was flown for the first time at Belfast, Northern Ireland on 22 August 1974, and the first entered service with the Canadian airline Time Air on 24 August 1976, although the first order had been placed by Command Airways of Pouglikeepsie, New York.

Versions available included the standard 330-200, the Sherpa civil freighter, and the 330-UTT utility tactical transport.

The USAF operated 18 twin-turboprop Sherpa/330-UTT from Zweibrucken in West Germany, providing a distribution service for high-priority spares in Europe. Designated C-23A, the aircraft were ordered in March 1984 to fulfil the European Distribution System Aircraft (EDSA) requirement. Two Sherpas were delivered in November 1984, and the remaining 16 by the end of 1985.

The C-23A is a freighter version of the Shorts 330-200, retaining many features of the civilian model including the forward freight door. An hydraulically operated rear cargo door/ramp is incorporated in the Sherpa, thus allowing through loading. Up to seven C08 or four LD3 cargo containers or two half-ton vehicles can be accommodated, and utility passenger operations may also be undertaken. The C-23A first flew on August 6, 1984, and is powered by two 893kW Pratt & Whitney Canada PYT6A-45R turboprops.

Designated C-23B, the first of 10 Shorts Super Sherpas for the US Army National Guard made its first flight in 1990. The aircraft are similar to the 18 C-23A Sherpas used by the US Air Force, but have more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65AR turboprops, strengthened wings, five-bladed propellers and air-operable rear freight doors for supply dropping.

Lacking the rear loading ramp of the Sherpa, the Shorts 330-UTT (Utility Tactical Transport) can carry a maximum payload of 3,630kg. Typical loads include 33 troops, 30 paratroops, or 15 stretchers. Range with 30 fully armed troops is greater than 1,100km. Two inward opening rear side doors are provided for para-dropping. Customers for the 330-UTT include the Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Police.

Nearly 100 had been delivered by 1990, and a total of 141 Short 330s were built before production ended in 1992. 




Engines: 2 x P&WAC PT6A-45, 1120 hp
Seats: 33
Wing loading: 48.6 lb/sq.ft
Pwr loading: 9.8 lb/hp
Max TO wt: 22,000 lb
Operating wt: 14,230 lb
Equipped useful load: 7770 lb
Payload max fuel: 3930 lb
Range max fuel/cruise: 690 nm/3.5 hr
Range max fuel / range: 785 nm/ 5.5 hr
Service ceiling: 18,500 ft
Max cruise: 190 kt
Max range cruise: 144 kt
Vmc: 77 kt
Stall: 73-89 kt
1.3 Vso: 95 kt
ROC: 1130 fpm
SE ROC: 210 fpm @ 101 kt
SE Service ceiling: 9500 ft
Min field length: 3650 ft
Fuel cap: 3840 lb

Engines: 2 x P&W PT6A-45A, 1156 shp
Props: Hartzell 5-blade, 111-in
Seats: 30
Length: 58 ft
Height: 16.2 ft
Wingspan: 78.6 ft
Wing area: 453 sq.ft
Wing aspect ratio: 12.3
Maximum ramp weight: 22,500 lb
Maximum takeoff weight: 22,400 lb
Standard empty weight: 14,700 lb
Maximum useful load: 7800 lb
Zero-fuel weight: 21,140 lb
Maximum landing weight: 22,100 lb
Wing loading: 49.5 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 9.7 lbs/hp
Maximum usable fuel: 3840 lb
Best rate of climb: 1070 fpm
Certificated ceiling: 19,000 ft
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 210 fpm @ 105 kt
Single-engine climb gradient: 120 ft/nm
Single-engine ceiling: 6750 ft
Maximum speed: 204 kt
Normal cruise @ 10,000ft: 197 kt
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 890 pph
Endurance at normal cruise: 3.9 hr
Stalling speed clean: 89 kt
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 74 kt
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 157 kt

Engine: 2 x P&WAC PT6A turboprop
Installed pwr: 1785 kW
Span: 22.8 m
Length: 17.7 m
Wing area: 42.1 sq.m
Empty wt: 6445 kg
MTOW: 11,160 kg
Payload: 3630 kg
Cruise speed: 372 kph
Initial ROC: 360 m / min
Ceiling: 6100 m
T/O run: 415 m
Ldg run: 235 m
Fuel internal: 2546 lt
Range/payload: 1390 km with 2330 kg
Capacity: 33 pax

C-23A Sherpa
Engine: 2 x P&WAC PT6A
Installed pwr: 1785 kW
Span: 22.8 m
Length: 17.7 m
Wing area: 42.1 sq.m
MTOW: 10,390 kg
Payload: 3175 kg
Cruise speed: 350 kph
Initial ROC: 360 m / min
Ceiling: 6100 m
T/O run (to 15m): 1036 m
Ldg run (from 15m): 1225 m
Fuel internal: 2032 lt
Range/payload: 1240 km with 2270 kg
Capacity: 33 pax

Engines: 2 x Pratt Whitney PT6A-45R turboprops, 900kW
Max take-off weight: 10390 kg / 22906 lb
Loaded weight: 6680 kg / 14727 lb
Payload: 3175kg / 7000 lb
Wingspan: 22.76 m / 75 ft 8 in
Length: 17.69 m / 58 ft 0 in
Height: 4.95 m / 16 ft 3 in
Wing area: 42.1 sq.m / 453.16 sq ft
Cruise speed: 352 km/h / 219 mph
Ceiling: 6000 m / 19700 ft
Range w/max.payload: 370-1240 km / 230 - 771 miles
Crew: 3

Short 330 / C-23 Sherpa




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