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Short S.26 Golden Hind


Following on from the Empire class flying boats, Short was keen to explore the limits of the flying-boat design, while also investing in the S.32 land airliner. A number of drag and stability improvements were proved and then embodied in the enlarged version of the Empire boat named the G class, or Golden Hind, and featuring improved power and range. The intention for this design (of which three were ordered by Imperial Airways) was to implement a regular scheduled service across the Atlantic in association with Pan Am.

World War II intervened and the three G boats were sequestered by the RAF and converted for ASW/reconnaissance use for which gun turrets and depth charge housings were installed. In 1942 they were reconverted to carry up to 40 passengers and used on services to Africa.

In late 1941 the two surviving G boats were returned to civil duties, but only one example survived the war. After a brief operational period the aircraft fell into disuse.

Engines: 4 x Bristol Hercules IV or XIV 14-cylinder radial, 1380 hp
Wingspan: 40.90 m / 134 ft 2 in
Length: 31.40 m / 103 ft 0 in
Height: 11.45 m / 38 ft 7 in
Wing area: 2159.904 sq.ft / 200.66 sq.m
Weight empty: 37712.1 lb / 17103.0 kg
Max take-off weight: 33800 kg / 74517 lb
Max. speed: 181 kts / 336 km/h / 209 mph
Cruising speed: 157 kts / 290 km/h
Service ceiling: 16896 ft / 5150 m
Cruising altitude: 7497 ft / 2285 m
Range: 2781 nm / 5120 km / 3182 miles
Crew: 5
Passengers: 40
Armament: 12x cal.303 MG (7,7mm), 907kg Bomb.



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