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Shinn Meiwa PS-1 / US-1


After  January 1966, directed attention was put into a new marine aircraft. A Grumman Albatross was rebuilt as a dynamically similar flying model for a projected very large STOL ASW flying-boat for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. The type was developed as the four-turboprop PS-1, but later as the US-1 amphibious search-and-rescue aircraft.

The Shinn Meiwa PS-1, a four-turboprop STOL amphibian with an auxiliary engine driving a boundary layer control pump, has a speed range from 295 knots maximum to a 40-knot stall. PS-1s carry search radar, sono-buoys, MAD and ECM equipment to aid in the search for submarines, and against which they can deploy anti-submarine bombs, homing torpedoes, and rockets for surface attack.

Designed for long-range ASW, the four-turboprop PS-1 flying boat first flew in October 1967, entered service in 1973, and was followed by the US-1 amphibious variant in October 1974.

The first prototype PS-1 was converted later as waterbombing test vehicle.

Production of the PS-1 was completed with the 23rd aircraft in 1979. The seventh and subsequent US-1s are fitted with uprated T-64 IHI-10J turboprops and are designated US-lAs. Earlier aircraft are being progressively retrofitted with these engines.

The JMSDF intended to purchase one US-1A SAR amphibian every two years, the next funding was being sought in FY1988.

Engines: 4 x T64-IHI-10 turboprop, 3060 shp
Wing span: 108 ft 8.75 in (33.14 m)
Max speed 340 mph (547 km/h)
Crew: 10



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