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Shenyang FT-5


The Chinese-developed two-seat version of the MiG-17, built at Shenyang and designated the FT-5, emerged from complete obscurity. The FT-5 appears uniquely Chinese, in that no similar two-seat conversion of the MiG-17 ever appeared in the Soviet Union.

The FT-5 is based on the two-seat MiG-15UTI, or FT-2, built in very large numbers in both the USSR and the People's Republic of China, and as a modification of the early MiG-17, with a non-afterburning Klimov VK-1 centrifugal turbojet derived from the Rolls-Royce Nene (designated TJ-5D by the Chinese), and developing only 5,952 lb (2700 kg) thrust for take-off, offers little more in the way of performance. It remains firmly subsonic, with no transonic capability - limiting speed is around Mach 0.92 - and has a fixed rather than all-moving tailplane.

Although the forward and centre (ie, forward of the rear frame of the engine plenum chamber) fuselage of the FT-5 remains essentially similar to that of the MiG-15UTI, the rear fuselage of the MiG-17 is lengthened 35.4 in (90 cm), the tailplane sweep is increased and the wing is substantially different, with a consequent major improvement in handling.

The thinner and almost crescent wing of the MiG-17, with inner leading-edge sweep of 45 deg reducing to 42 deg on the outer panels, plus three large and strategically-placed fences appears to result in much "softer" and less critical handling characteristics.

Cockpit arrangement, both internally and externally, seems basically similar to that of the MiG-15UTI alias FT-2, a few of which remain in PAF service for instrument training. In Pakistan, the FT-5 began replacing the Lockheed T-33 and F-86F Sabre for advanced training in early 1975.

The FT-5 is equipped with a single 23-mm Nudelman-Rikhter cannon under the starboard nose for air-to-ground gunnery, apparently in conjunction with a radar-ranging sight through a di-electric antenna in a small radome above the intake.

Although so far identified in foreign service outside China only in Pakistan, the FT-5 has been built in substantial numbers. The JJ-5 is the export derivative.

Wing span: 31 ft  in (9,63 m)
Length: 37 ft 7.2 in (11,46 m)
Height: 12 ft 5.5 in (3,8 m)
Max level speed: 486 kts (902 km/h) at 32,000 ft (9753 m)
Service ceiling: 45,000 ft (13715 m)
Max endurance @45,000ft: 2 hr 38 min with two 88 Imp gal (400 lt) drop tanks



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