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Option Air Acapella


The Acapella is the creation of Carl Barlow, president of Option Air Reno, and sprung from his idea in 1977 to “re-do” the no longer available BD-5 design utilizing about 65 percent of the BD-5 hard-ware including the fuselage from the firewall forward, the nosewheel, canopy and the short wings. After flying the prototype Acapella with both the short and long Bede wings, Barlow recommends using the long wings on the Acapella. Work on a second prototype which will carry a 118-hp Lycoming and a fixed-pitch propeller with a gross of about 1000 pounds is to be completed in the near future.

Gross Wt. 1350 lb
Engine 200-hp Lycoming IO-360
Top speed 245 mph
Cruise 214 mph
Stall 81 mph
Climb rate 1800 fpm
Takeoff run 1000 ft
Ceiling 26,500 ft



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