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On Mark Marketeer / Marksman


Formed 1954 as a specialist maintenance and modification contractor for Douglas B-26 Invader bombers, developing high-speed executive transport and heavily armed counterinsurgency versions. The On Mark Marketeer was a six/eight-seat corporate transport based on the B-26 airframe. The externally similar Marksman had a pressurized cabin. A B-26K Counter Invader was developed for the USAF's Tactical Air Command.

The On Mark Com-pany took in the surplus bombers at Van Nuys, California and turned them out with everything intact but the bomb bay doors and some of the military weapons-control gear. They came to the customers in pressurized and unpressurized versions, and they were only for the select few. 45-60 were coverted.

The Counter-Invader was a cleaned up, heavily armed version for the USAF’s Special Air Warfare Center.




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