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O’Neill Airplane Magnum


O’Neill Airplane designed the eight-seat Model J Magnum with unusual four-wheel undercarriage in 1980s. Further developed Magnum V8 six-seater, featuring swing tail for loading cargo, which can be built from plans and some available components.

The Magnum is a bush-type, designed around radial engines like prototype’s 350 HP turbocharged Jacobs R755S, a manufacturer’s modification of the L4M 245HP Jacobs. It features an extra-large cabin 49 inches wide by 102 inches long, plus an additional 68 inches cargo camping gear area. Special features are: stall/spin safety system with wind-wing angle indicator, vertical stabilator with forward-canted axis, and slotted stabilator; instant-droppable fuel tank to avoid post-crash fire hazard; and full-span dive flaps intended to limit airspeed to 185 mph at 3800 pounds gross, combined with structural design strength of 7 G’s yield, the maximum available from full-flapped wing at 185. Super rough-ground stability achieved by dual nosewheels.

Power (optional 245 hp) 350 hp
Gross Wt. 2900-3500 lb
Empty Wt. 1750-2000 lb
Wingspan 30 ft 3 in
Length 23 ft l1 in
Top alt, cruise 200+ mph
SL cruise 140 mph
Stall 60 mph
Climb rate 1000 fpm
Takeoff run 1000 ft
Landing roll 1000 ft
Range 400 mi. plus 45 min. reserve

Magnum V8 Pickup

Engine: Ford 351ci V8, 380 hp
Speed max: 185 mph
Cruise: 140 mph
Range: 800 sm
Stall: 61 mph
ROC: 1200 fpm
Take-off dist: 1000 ft
Landing dist: 1000 ft
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft
HP range: 350-450
Fuel cap: 110 USG
Weight empty: 1900 lbs
Gross: 3800 lbs
Height: 9 ft
Length: 25.8 ft
Wing span: 36 ft
Wing area: 189 sq.ft
Seats: 2+
Landing gear: dual nose wheel


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