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O’Neill Airplane Aristocraft

Aristocraft III


After the war, Waco developed a new monoplane, the Aristocraft, but abandoned it in 1947, and the company went out of business. O’Neill Airplane Co. formed 1962 to develop Waco’s last design, the Waco Model W Aristocrat, for which all rights were acquired. Terry O'Neill flew the aircraft for a brief period after he had completed the restoration.
The Waco W was flown for only a brief period as it was converted into the tail dragger Aristocraft II, with the engine mounted in the nose, in this configuration it was flown in October 1963 and retained most of the original fuselage, the wings and horizontal tail of NX34219.
O'Neill Aristocraft II
The Artstocraft uses the Waco wing design, simplified for amateur builders. The II design was awarded a Provisional Type Certificate (Al 9CE) by the FAA in 1969. It is one of the largest homebuilts, seating up to six persons. Originally powered by a 200-hp Lycoming IO-360, one amateur builder was adapting the Blanton 220-hp Ford 23 turbo and is using conventional landing gear for more speed and lower cost for cross country use.
In 1968 O'Neill refitted it with six seats, a tricycle landing gear and a single swept fin tail, in this configuration it was flown in October 1968, still registered N34219, but re-designated Model W Winner.
The O'Neill Pea Pod canard design was proposed also, but all activity on the Aristocraft terminated in 1974.
Wingspan 36 ft l0 in
Length 25 ft l0 in
Gross Wt. 2650-3300 lb
Empty Wt. 1600-1800 lb
Top speed 135 mph
Cruise 120 mph
Stall 55 mph
Climb rate 500 fpm
Takeoff run 1000 ft
Landing roll 1000 ft
Range 600 miles
Model W
Wingspan: 37ft 6in
Length: 26.7ft
Height: 8ft 4in


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