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OMAC OMAC 1 / Laser 300

OMAC Inc. was founded in 1977 in Reno, Nevada, by Carl Parise and Larry Heuberger. The name stood for "Old Man's Aircraft Company".
The OMAC-1 was a 6-8 seat canard pusher business aircraft introduced in 1981. Two prototypes were built: the first one (apparently unregistered) was powered by a 700 hp Avco Lycoming LTP 101-700A-1 pusher engine and first flew on Dec. 11, 1981.
The second prototype N81PH served as testbed for improved Laser 300 version. used a 700 hp Garrett TPE331-9 and flew on February 19, 1983. It was 30 ft. long and had a wingspan of 35 ft.
The OMAC company moved in 1985 to Albany in Georgia and worked an improved production version, the Laser 300 [N301L] which first flew on July 29, 1988 (pictures showing an aircraft registered "N300L" are only promotional artist's views).
The aircraft apparently failed to attract any orders and was no longer heard of. Further development halted soon after owing to funding difficulties.
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