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Old Rhinebeck Hanriot V

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has a reproduction 1910 Hanriot constructed by Cole Palen, Mike Lockhart, and Andy Keefe with the aid of drawings published in Flight during the winter of 1974 in Florida. It had originally been powered by a 1910, two-cycle, water-cooled Elbridge Featherweight engine, but it had later been retrofitted with a more capable, water-cooled, 50-hp Franklin after it had sustained connecting rod damage.  Because of its lower weight, it often resulted in a nose-high pitch which had to be elevator-counteracted during flight, although its increased horsepower produced more sprightly performance than the original engined-version had offered.

The aircraft, initially demonstrating stability problems, was subsequently modified and first performed in the 1976 Hammondsport Air Show. Demonstrating its handling characteristics much further afield, it partook, along with the Curtiss Model D and the Sopwith Camel, of the 2003 Australian International Air Show in Geelong, flying circuits round Avalon Airport 11,000-foot runway.
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