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Oldfield Baby Great Lakes

Barney Oldfield Special / Baby Lakes


Designed and first built in 1960.

Harvey R. Swack had encountered a fellow named Barney Oldfield - no relation to the auto racer - who had designed a small, single-seat sport biplane for homebuilders. Swack went into business with Oldfield, selling plans of the 2T-1 under the name "Baby Great Lakes" which he was entitled to do, as owner of the name, although the little homebuilt bore only a distant, imitative relationship to the original. When Champlin bought Great Lakes Aircraft Company from Swack, Swack changed the name of the homebuilt design to "Barney Oldfield Special," though it is still informally known as the "Baby Lakes."

Barney Oldfield’s Baby Great Lakes flys much like its big brother, the Great Lakes Sport Trainer. The Baby “Lakes” was designed to get the same sort of flying ease and performance at lower cost. It uses a steel-tube fuselage, wood wings and fabric cover, and offers unusually lively aerobatic performance when powered by an 85-hp Continental engine. The Baby Lakes can also be fitted with 50- to 100-hp Continentals or the 108- and 125-hp Lycomings. (When fitted with the 108- and 125-hp engines, the airplane is called the Super Baby Lakes.) Its makers say it will out fly aircraft of twice the horsepower, and it is the least expensive, high-performance biplane available to the homebuilder.


Baby Lakes


The Baby Great Lakes (one place) and Buddy Great Lakes (two place) aircraft are well proven designs which are easy to construct and fly, provide classic good looks, and are aerobatic. Construction is of wood and steel tubing and plans are well presented for the first time builder. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company acquired all rights to these designs in May 1996 and offers packs, plans, raw materials kits, and pre-fabricated kits for these fine aircraft.

The Baby Great Lakes Main Tank Standard holds 10 gallons. The Baby Great Lakes Tank Stretch is 3" longer and holds 11 gallons.




Oldfield Baby "Lakes"
Gross Wt. 850 lbs
Empty Wt. 475lbs
Fuel capaci-ty 12 USG
Wingspan 16’8”
Length 13’9”
Height: 4.5 ft
Wing area; 86 sq.ft
Engine 85-h.p Continen-tal
HP range: 65-100
Seats: 1
Top speed: 135 mph
Cruise: 118 mph
Stall: 50 mph
Climb rate 2000 fpm
Takeoff run: 300 ft
Landing roll: 400 ft
Ceiling: 17,000 ft
Range: 250 sm
Seats: 1
Undercarriage: tailwheel


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